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NT-NL welcomes Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton | 2015 Bishop's Convocation, Oct. 26-28, Briarwoor Retreat Center [Image description: photo of Elizabeth Eaton, a white woman with short dark hair, smiling and leaning against a desk. She is dressed in a black skirt and black blouse with a clerical collar and a black blazer. She is wearing a large, golden bishop's cross. The right side of the image is a rad background with the title text in black; the event information is on the bottom right in white text.]

Statements from Bishop Kanouse

2016 MEF GrantsThe Mission Endowment Fund [Image description: Two hands, palms up, fingers touching, cup a growing seedling with two small leaves. Across the top, the words "The Mission Endowment Fund" arch over the hands.]

The goal of the Mission Endowment Fund is to award grants for specific and identifiable projects or programs of NT-NL Mission Area missions and congregations.

Grant applications are due October 31, 2015.

2016 Bishop Election

Bishop Kevin Kanouse has announced his intent to retire in June 2016. Please visit ntnl.org/bishopelection for information and updates on the bishop election process.

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October 2015

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Sexual Misconduct

Find more resources on the Safe Churches Project page.